So right off the bat, let me admit that my desire to bring traditional mysticism to Paganism is nothing new or original.

I was influenced to do this by Aleister Crowley’s “Liber Astarte vel Berylli”.

Here, Crowley adapts the “Spiritual Exercises” of St. Ignatius and tells his students to use it to devote one’s self to a particular Deity.

This was a pretty remarkable concept for the time.

However, part of my desire to write this is to bring this to modern Pagans who would probably choose to eschew both Crowley and Catholic mysticism.

Not only that, but Crowley’s work is full of flaws. First off, it’s for his students and as such is full of Thelemic jargon. Also, I don’t agree with his approach.

Crowley would have you write an ornate ritual full of sevenfold prayers to perform at your altar daily (or perhaps several times a day). I prefer simplicity. I think the best sort of prayer is from the heart, not some long pre-written florid poem. Not everyone is capable of writing such a thing.

Crowley was a very knowledgeable person for his time when it came to world religion, but he also needlessly complicated things.

I think someone looking into Pagan mysticism should read “Liber Astarte” but this blog is sort of an alternative look at the concept behind Liber Astarte. However, it’s not geared towards Thelemites, but Pagans. It’s not based on ceremonial magick but on directing one’s heart to God (or Goddess).